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Image of Predator

This is a community commission podcast. Each "share" of this podcast is sold for $10. When all 35 shares have been sold Jim and A.Ron will add this to their list of upcoming podcasts at http://baldmove.com/commissioned-podcasts/. Each backer will be contacted and given an opportunity to contribute pre-feedback and talking points for the podcast shortly before the podcast is produced. Note, we reserve the right to edit or omit commissioners' feedback for any reason. All commissioners will be credited on the podcast regardless. Keep in mind that we cannot promise to like what you commission or guarantee that you'll like the resulting podcast. You are purchasing our time to watch the media, make reasonable preparation, and give our honest opinions Please use the information below to guide your decision and then commission accordingly!

This commission is for the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger / John McTiernan action flick, "Predator". Oh what the shit are we even wasting time talking about here? This is the finest action film ever made, period. You know exactly what you're asking for when you commission this podcast, and by God, you're going to get it, and get it good.